Thursday, October 26, 2006

manc_ill_kid - Hundredth Webcast

Wow!! Its the 100th Last Night From Glasgow webcast show. Despite my requests none of the cities big-name acts were interested in playing a one-off special, so it was down to me and my guitar.

As with the fiftieth show, people seem to love me reading out lists of websites and giving props to specific people.

I think maybe I'm a little too gushing in it, and websites are quite shameless. How long until they realise that I've never posted on half of them. And are four mentions of Bowlie a few too many?

I'm having my doubts about the merits of finishing with a distorted cover, an the re-written lyrics neither make any sense in the song or in my life as it stands at the moment. Hmm, maybe I shout have done something about crushing waves of self-doubt. It seemed like such a good idea in the pub four weeks ago, and you know how there be magic in carrying these things through. It hasn't even been fifteen weeks, I think I counted it a thirteen, but well, I hadn't seen her for fifteen.

It took about seven takes over four days to get it as good as it is. I seem to work best under pressure, if you can call this 'the best'. Usually I cocked up on the song, but one of the guitar solos I recorded on Tuesday night was perfect, it'll go on the Christmas Out-takes DVD box-set. I think it was the seven takes that got me to remember all the bands who've been on.

Last night it was a matter of recording this just on my way out to the cinema (to see Marie Antonnette), then adding all the subtitles to the webcast after midnight when I got back.

I feel that maybe I should have emphasised the bands who've played on the show more than I did.

Oh, here are links to their MySpace pages.
Great Money Trick
AJ Smith
MJ Hibbett
Thee Moths
Owsley Sunshine
Tom Snowball
The Just Joans
IoMoPSMouse Eat Mouse

The Great Money Trick are playing tonight at Black Friars
Plimptons are playing this Saturday at The Barfly
Mouse Eat Mouse playing Sunday night at the Gilmorehill Community Centre

And I should have mentioned the Last Night From Glasgow forum over at and this blog, which would be a more useful place for people to watch the videos than on YouTube