Monday, October 16, 2006

MJ Hibbett - The Lesson of the Smiths

Aw, this has got to be in my top three favourite MJ Hibbett songs. He played it last time I saw him in Glasgow and it was the most beautiful and profound song ever, and he hadn't recorded it or released on anything, so it was just this song that existed live.

It was only last year I got into the Smiths, I've always been into Take That since their final run of ten sell out shows at the Manchester Arena in '95 that I never went to.

Anyhoo, so I feel so, privileged(?) that he played it on Last Night From Glasgow tonight. Of course the song's on his latest album WE VALIDATE, available from the internet.

And perhaps this song's crowning glory, it was the last track uncle Steve played on his Lamacq Live show on Radio One. Kind of like Tindersticks for a new generation.