Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Plimptons - Help The State

So there we were, in the studio, somewhere in Glasgow's barren east end, in the catacombs of some ancient factory, Uncle Brendan spinning the sliders putting the final touches to The Plimptons's second album. and I thought hey ho, its been a while, but why not try to get the mighty Plimptons to record a Last Night From Glasgow thingi vodcast.

So here you have it.

Rowan's playing melodica, Neil didn't quite have a bass guitar handy so he plays the beer can and empty crisp packet. Marty's on guitar and Adam's wearing a mask.
It does take a few attempts to get going, and Neil did drop crisps into the guitar a few seconds in.

Off-camera for the most part to the right we have Brendan O'Hare and to the left MJ Hibbett.

I was a little worried that Ad's vocals would be obscured cos of the mask, but it seems okay until the last line or so.

The song's taken from their debut album "The Songs of Ignorance and of Inexperience" on Ivan Lendil Music, you can buy it here