Thursday, November 09, 2006

Greatest Hits show - Blitzhoney

I was driving home from work and down Great Western Road, the car in front was the same type of car as mine, a wee red Smart car. So for about three blocks this car was in front. Then we came to the traffic lights just afore Kelvinbridge and it slipped into the left lane, about a yard from being abreast of me. The driver turns round waves, so I wave back, as is the nature of Smart Car driver.
Eventually the lights change, and she remains stationary as I pull off slowly, so we slowly pass each other, like ships in the night, smiling and waving, and she was the cutest Smart Car driver I've ever seen, this huge cheesy smile.

Oof, I was grinning all the way home, probly never see her again.

Tonight, partly in tribute to the Democrats conquering both houses in the US electiony things, Last Night From Glasgow brings you Blitzhoney - America