Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles - I'll Make You Sorry

Gratuitous showing of flesh from the manc_ill_kid is intentional, carefully designed to drive women crazy

The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles - Outta Control

The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles - Freak Off

Covering The Orchestra Harlow's Freak Off, this has gotta be one of the best songs of the entire Deep Fried Wolfknuckles session. Alan vocals at the peak of their abilities and my solo and rhythm work ain't so bad.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles - Questo Forle Sentimento

This song is in Italian, apparently it means That Crazy Feeling

The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles - A Deal is a Deal

This song is one that Luigi wrote, and he sings it too.

The Deep Fried Wolfkuckles - 99th Floor

I don't know where Alan finds these songs, but they rule. This is The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles covering The Moving Sidewalks's 99th Floor. The Moving Sidewalks were of course those not in the know, the band who went on to become ZZ Top.

Check out Alan's dancing during the guitar solos, he calls it his Bill Cosby dance, but I reckon its more like over-driven grouching, bless 'im

The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles - Lead to Believe

So after months and months of him talkinga bout it, my flatmate Alan finally got his band, The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles in to Last Night From Glasgow for a few songs.

Admittedly we've been practising for about a year, and have only played on gig before, and that was back in March, b ut our eight songs are pretty neat and in the studio Alan's got a hell of a voice on him.

Rather than going daily, I'm just going to stick these tunes online as fast as I can get them on YouTube.

Feel free to befriend the Wolfknuckles on MySpace

Greatest Hits show - MJ Hibbett

Another journey home wondering if I can find a band to come to my flat. No sign of the Red Smart Car girl fromt he other day, but feeling all romantic, I thought I'd put up this little tear jerker from MJ Hibbett.

Apparently every IT department has the same story again and again and again. Why doesn't someone do something.

There're too many broken hearts in the world, too many dreams broken in two

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Greatest Hits show - Blitzhoney

I was driving home from work and down Great Western Road, the car in front was the same type of car as mine, a wee red Smart car. So for about three blocks this car was in front. Then we came to the traffic lights just afore Kelvinbridge and it slipped into the left lane, about a yard from being abreast of me. The driver turns round waves, so I wave back, as is the nature of Smart Car driver.
Eventually the lights change, and she remains stationary as I pull off slowly, so we slowly pass each other, like ships in the night, smiling and waving, and she was the cutest Smart Car driver I've ever seen, this huge cheesy smile.

Oof, I was grinning all the way home, probly never see her again.

Tonight, partly in tribute to the Democrats conquering both houses in the US electiony things, Last Night From Glasgow brings you Blitzhoney - America

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Greatest Hits show - Scunner

Happily driving hope from work and wondering if I'll crash my car on video. This is my favourite track from Scunner - Cafe Society

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

St. Deluxe - Closer Always

Crikey, how crap am I? I never got round to posting the last St. Deluxe show, and what a corker it is too. Best of luck to the boys.

I guess I've just been disheartened, the new series of The Music Show started and the beeb never got in touch offering me a presenting job or a slot for the Plimptons, The Just Joans or Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps. Despite randoms folk suggesting such things on the Jockrock and Teenage Fanclub boards.

Was going to have The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles in this week, but they cancelled, oh, the irony, I'm the damned guitarist. So instead, I'll be compiling one or two greatest hits shows, to dig up some corpses.

Friday, November 03, 2006

St. Deluxe - Crystal

As a rather cynical marketing ploy, I've slipped in a few special tags in the description over on YouTube. Its bound to draw in hundreds of new viewers, as suggested over on Jockrock as part of my opposite of cynical ploy to get more viewers...

Last Night From Glasgow - Over to You, more details over in that thread and on my blog over here (scroll down)

St. Deluxe - Highly Strung

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

St. Deluxe - Closer to the Start

Have a look at their myspace page