Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blitzhoney - America

This is one of the few political songs we've had on Last night From Glasgow. When the band recorded it, it did take a couple of attempts to get all the lyrics out.

I like the lines about how America's enemy's are at their gates, but are already inside, about the rotten heart of America I reckon. And missiles down Main Street is a nice image used several times.

When we recorded it that had a gig that evening at Bar Warhol, we were hoping it would somehow promote the gig, and it took a couple of rehearsals to get the 'finishing the song and running off thing' right at the end. I think Larry forgot about it, so it doesn't come across as too staged.

This is the only show in Blitzhoney's run of shows where Barry wears a hat, I bought it from Mr Bens.

Check out Blitzhoney's myspace page and their own homepage

Other political songs that we've had include my own "This One's for the Kids" and The Plimptons' "Nazi Army"